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New Night Time Ritual: The Healing Golden Milk Recipe

Golden milk aka turmeric milk is one of my favorite night time drinks, other than hot tea. It is comforting and soothing at night and very nutritious. Nothing compares to the smell of turmeric milk warming up on the stove. Turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.  Warm beverages, both in the evening and in the morning, provide soothing effects to the digestive system.

Turmeric, The Golden Healing Spice

Turmeric has been around for hundreds of years and is known as the “healing” spice to the Eastern cultures. It is known to help with sore throats, colds, flus, stomach aches, wounds, skin problems and abrasions. Just like coconut oil, turmeric provides antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The combination of turmeric and peppercorn enhances the absorption of curcumin, the main ingredient found in turmeric. Turmeric isn’t the only healing ingredient in this delicious, warming beverage; cinnamon, raw honey, coconut milk, and ginger are all incredibly beneficial too.

Other benefits:

1.) Turmeric is cancer fighting.

2.) Turmeric relieves arthritis.

3.) Turmeric is a natural antibacterial agent.

4.) Turmeric can protect against Alzheimers.

5.) Turmeric can help maintain weight and promote weight loss.

6.) Turmeric is antioxidant/immune-boosting.


2 Cups milk (whole fat dairy, almond, coconut, hemp, whatever you’d like…but I prefer coconut)

1 tbsp local, raw honey (can substitute with stevia for less sugar)

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 tsp ground turmeric

1 tsp ground cinnamon

¼ tsp black pepper and grated ginger


Pour all ingredients (except for the honey) into a small saucepan and whisk into a light boil. Reduce the heat to low for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and strain the milk (if you have large pieces of ginger or peppercorn). Then add the honey (you don’t want to cook the honey) and an extra dash of cinnamon and enjoy! It is best served warm.

*Be careful not to cook the honey because raw honey is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. It contains significant amounts of: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium chlorine, sulfur, and phosphate. Honey in its proper form, not heated, is one of nature’s most healing substances.

If you don’t have all the ingredients on hand, or don’t want to measure everything out, you can get a premade golden milk powder here.

Benefits of ingredients:

Cinnamon  is known for its ability to control blood sugar as well as its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Honey (especially raw, local, + organic) helps to eliminate allergies and contains trace amounts of many vitamins and minerals.

Coconut milk may aid in weight loss and boosting metabolism, improve immune function, and even reduce heart disease risk.

Ginger has been known to reduce inflammation and is perhaps best known for its ability to soothe stomach problems.

Black pepper plays a very important roll in this beverage. Introducing black pepper into a dish with turmeric in it boosts the bio-availability of curcumin, the active compound in the herb, by up to 2000% (source). Without black pepper, our bodies simply don’t absorb all of the curcumin from turmeric.

Enjoy! 🙂


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